Cooking Wings

Possessing a national award-winning chicken wing sauce is only half the battle.

The second half of enjoying award-winning chicken wings is how you prepare the chicken wings themselves.

We are aware that many of you wing enthusiasts have your favorite ways of preparation and techniques, and we support you in whatever way you thinks is best. Either way, you choose, we deem these three methods, show below, to produce the best wings in which to accompany The Bone Sauce. 

Feel free to join the conversation on our blog to display your own ingenious ways in which to prepare your wings using The Bone Sauce. Our platform is intended to be educational, and we believe the sharing of ideas is the best way to elevate proper chicken wing recipes. 

As a bonus, we are adding our The Bone Sauce Hack Video to instruct and showcase how to get the most sauce out of your purchase. This Bone Sauce Hack is also helpful if The Bone Sauce is acting sluggish in the bottle. 

We hope you enjoy the videos, and as always, The Bone Sauce thanks you for your support.